5 really useful tips for buying a used car!

Used Cars

Car Dealers Dublin have put together a list of 5 things to look out for when buying a used car.

1. Knows your needs before you buy

Diesel or Petrol? How many seats will you realistically need? How much room do you need for groceries etc? Having a good idea of what you’ll use the car for will make your choice easier.

2. Know when and where to buy

Never buy the first car you see, always shop around. Buying at the start of the year could mean the dealer is busy with new car sales but has lots of used cars. Likewise at the end of the year you could probably get a good deal on a new car. If your interested in a car ask around to people who already have that model and get some feedback.

3. Check the condition of the car

Don’t rush it. Never check a car at night. Don’t check a car in wet weather. Have a checklist of what your looking for. Check for visible and hidden signs of damage and always ask about leaks. Check everything, leave nothing to chance and if in doubt get a mechanic to have a look before you buy.

4. Research your make and model

There are certain cars that are always very reliable and others that are prone to problems. If your interested in a particular model check around on the net for possible problems and even ask people for feedback. We’ve created a list of the top 10 used cars of 2011 on our site.

5. If buying private always meet the seller at their home

It’s safer and gives you a bit of insurance that they are more legit.

All in all just use your common sense and don’t rush a sale and you’ll be fine.

You can find a great in depth car buyers guide on our website.

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